Pool & Rancho


Our “Rancho” is a tree-trunk structure, located next to the pool, where is the new boutique Kalimba Restaurant with a varied menu designed with great appreciation. We serve the best offered local products and while we are inspired by Mediterranean food, we use it to contribute to our own vision with creativity and passion for cooking. In our Bar Any time is a good time to toast with our signature drinks. They are mixed with magic and a simple detail turns the good into exquisite.

Cozy Spa & Sauna

Relax, Enjoy... Unwind and find peace. Seek solace, touch the body, heal the mind & calm the spirit.

Pool & Jacuzzi

The large pool, conceived in a naturalist style and surrounded by rocks and plants, has seats in the water and anti-slip pavement. A small waterfall between the rocks feeds the jacuzzi. Here, you can be reborn within the harmonious power of nature.